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A Caesar, some TV, & a Trailer - Karl Urban News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A Caesar, some TV, & a Trailer [Oct. 2nd, 2005|07:42 pm]
Karl Urban News


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- LOGO, the new gay & lesbian cable network aired episodes of 'Xena: the Warrior Princess' today. Said episodes featured our favorite Roman with the bowl haircut. Whoosh's episode guide.

- Regal Cinemas/United Artists theatres are now featuring a behind-the-scenes look of 'Doom' in their '20 In 20' segment they do before the feature starts.

- If you have an HD television & Comcast you can tune into the preview show ' In Theatres.' The Doom' trailer is in heavy rotation on there. A Karl in HD is a better Karl.

- The Sci-Fi channel & the cast/crew of 'Doom' are up for some questions. The Sci-Fi channel website is sponsoring a Q-and-A for the actors & crew. Cast & crew will answer selected questions during the Oct 20th airing of 'The Mummy Returns.'

- A link to the New Zealand edition of 'Stuff' magazine about Karl being a possible contender in the next round of Bonds. As in James Bond. I'm late in posting said link, please forgive me.

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